10 Reasons why Green Buildings are beatter than Concrete-made Buildings 

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Pollution levels are soaring today. We are yet to see countries abiding by the green laws as agreed upon at various conferences and meets. With the powerful nations tearing down contracts, the salvation of the environment looks like a far-fetched goal. In this age, there is a need to safeguard the environment from risks posed by factors such as global warming, the carbon footprint and deteriorating levels of water in the oceans.

Green buildings are one of the latest innovations in technology that seek to delay the hazards posed to the environment if they cannot undo them. The goal of a green building is to promote a healthy environment for living with lesser consumption of non-renewable resources. These buildings are certainly considered better than traditional concrete-made buildings. In about 10 reasons, we will sum up the benefits associated with green buildings. 

  • The traditional practices of the building have reported discarding an enormous amount of waste into the environment. The green building techniques are responsible for disposing of less waste into the environment. This saves a lot of non-renewable resources. 
  • Water consumption in traditional buildings is significantly high. Green buildings seek to cut down unnecessary water consumption by up to 15 percent. If green techniques were brought into homes today, about 80000 metric tonnes worth of emissions of greenhouse gases can be fended off. 
  • Traditional concrete-made buildings contribute to about 41 percent of energy consumption in the United States. The factor is expected to come down with green buildings. 
  • The certified green buildings outshine concrete-made buildings with a staggering score of 89 on 100 by ENERGY STAR. Almost all of the green buildings are found to have improved performance in the energy sector by about 10 percent, which is drastic. 
  • The green buildings are graded by an international standard abbreviated as LEED. This standard has now reached about 167 countries. 
  • The certifications attained by green buildings are steadily growing across the world. Traditional buildings cannot achieve such certifications. 
  • The green buildings sector is also expected to contribute to the economy by creating an enormous amount of jobs. The GDP of the USA is thus expected to shoot up with the advent of green buildings in the country. 
  • There is a massive amount of savings in energy with the help of green buildings. Moreover, green buildings are significantly maintenance free thus adding further to savings. 
  • Green buildings are economical as they are set to bring down daily costs per year. The operation cost of a green building is much lower than that of a concrete-made building. 
  • There is the probability of the green buildings sweeping the real-estate sector in the coming years, thus making investments a lucrative deal. Further, the returns you would get out of your investment in green building sector are bound to be much larger than traditional real-estate. 

The ten reasons stated above bear out the fact that green buildings are actually better than concrete-made buildings in all aspects. Make your investment today! 

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