About Us

A Bit of History

Delicious Crepes was founded in 2008 by Natan and Regina Ibragimchayev. By then, Natan and Regina had already been in the food industry for over 10 years and had owned another very successful business, Nina’s Kitchen, famous for its vegan muffins, piroshki, and pastries. The new business was aimed at serving savory and sweet crepes to the local communities at various Farmers’ markets across San Francisco Bay Area.

 The crepes soon became very popular and faithful customers kept asking the owners for a place where they could come with friends and enjoy the crepes throughout the week. After four years of steady growth, Natan and Regina moved to a new kitchen facility in Santa Clara. The kitchen happened to be a former restaurant. So they decided to turn it into a cafe, which is now known as Delicious Crepes Bistro. This was a very exciting move for the entire family.

Delicious Crepes Today

Delicious Crepes Bistro uses the finest, fresh and natural ingredients and strives to provide the best dining experience to all its customers. The Bistro’s team strongly believes in the power of a wholesome vegetarian diet, which they have been following for years themselves. In the modern world of processed foods, stressful lives and unhealthy habits, it is so easy to get off track with your diet.

That is why Delicious Crepes offers a variety of scrumptious meals that will not only satisfy your stomach but will also promote well-being and make you feel better. Come and try the delicious vegetable juices, fruit smoothies, salads, soups and, of course, a wide selection of delectable crepes to experience the power of wholesome foods yourself!