What’s the Ninja Coffee Bar Specialty Brew All About? 

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The Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer is a revolution in the world of coffee with all the options that it has to offer. Some say that it is the same as having a barista at your home. Maybe they have said it right since the Ninja Brewer is a complete coffeehouse in itself. It can easily make all the coffee recipes available in this world and has an entire A la Carte of itself as an added advantage. This device is bound to make your life easier if you happen to be a coffee lover.  

The brewer comes preinstalled with certain settings that summarize the kind of coffee that it can make. In general, it has 4 settings: Specialty brew, Over-ice brew, Classic brew, and Rich brew. The most intriguing of them all is the Specialty brew. This setting attracts eyeballs of all coffee lovers. 

A little elaboration of all the settings is given as under: 

  • The Specialty brew makes for a rich concentrate that is useful for brewing latte and macchiato. More on this would follow. 
  • The Over-ice setting for brewing takes into account the use of the ice for making a recipe. It, thus, yields a concentration accordingly. 
  • The Rich brew setting yields an intense flavor of coffee for certain beverages. 
  • The Classic brew setting ensures a balanced flavor of smooth coffee. 

The Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer’s Specialty brew setting brings the essence of lattes at the comfort of your home. This makes sure that you do not have to spend a lot of money on drinks at exotic coffeehouses. Drinks as such require a special brew concentration which, you reckon right, is provided by this feature. The yield achieved from the Specialty brew setting has a lesser volume of coffee but it is an intensely strong brew in essence.  

A simple test on the machine achieved prudent results. Get ground coffee, vanilla and skim milk ready to brew a latte. While the brew is in the process, heat the milk. Now froth the milk and pour it into the coffee. This latter would be very close to the one for which you pay dollars at Starbucks. One facet that stands out is that the Specialty brew makes it further easy for you to get an exotic coffeehouse grade coffee at home. If you go on to test the feature for some more specialty drinks you will have a series of instances before you, bearing out the quality of your Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer. 

The feature also ensures that you get efficiency from the coffee that goes into the machine. The less volume yet high concentration brew is a high-quality base for any barista standard coffee recipe. 

Hence, the Ninja Coffee Brewer is itself the testimony to the words that are often associated with it. Your experiments would not go awry and you will be generally satisfied with the results. 

If you are a coffee lover who still has not bought the Ninja, we recommend that you do. If you already own one, it is pointless if you do not touch upon the Specialty brew setting every day. Happy brewing! 

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